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Who We Are

We are Catholic adoptive parents who realized that one of the biggest hurdles many parents encounter in considering adoption is the maze of regulations, requirements, and information surrounding the process, as well as the sizable financial resources necessary to complete an adoption. We want to help as many prospective adoptive parents as we can to realize the fullness of God’s love through the gift of adoption. We also desire to share  resources with prospective adoptive parents, including a network of couples who have adopted children domestically and/or internationally who can answer questions based on their experiences, provide support, and direct couples to other organizations that may be able to assist them on their adoption journey. Through our own experience, we also realized there are many ways to support the pro-life stance of the Catholic Church:  offering prayers, committing financial resources, building awareness, supporting a birth mom who chooses life over abortion, as well as adopting children.


If you are called to adopt, Catholics Adopt Project wants to help through prayer, networking, and financial campaigns. 


An additional passion of Catholics Adopt Project is promoting adoption-friendly public policies and corporate benefits.  The wave of corporations introducing abortion travel benefits after the Supreme Court Dobbs decision led us to start the Adoption Benefit Initiative to encourage companies to support their Pro-Life team members in the same manner they have chosen to support their employees who are supportive of the abortion route.   More information is available at

Our Founders

Our Story

Our adoption journey started with a letter quietly laid on our bed by our then 9-year-old son who told us that he wanted us to adopt another sibling, knowing that it meant sacrifices for each member of the family. When children pray, God listens! We started this journey as a leap of faith, knowing that God called us to open our hearts to another child. The journey wasn’t easy. We were filled with questions, fears and doubts but most of all, overwhelming joy. The process changed everything we thought about adoption as we realized the beauty of God’s plan when we surrender to His will. On the very day that one adoption ended with the birth mother deciding to parent, our agency presented us to another birth mother who chose us as the forever family for her baby girl. We welcomed our precious daughter to our family in 2008, followed by her brother, our son, in 2010.


Nothing could have prepared us for the process - its challenges, the tears of sorrow, and those of joy. We were so grateful for the love and support of family, friends, professionals, and the prayers of strangers. The gift of growing our family through adoption opened our eyes to the difficulties and challenges.  The more we talked to people, the more we realized that many, many people would/could open their hearts to help a child and a birth mother if adoption wasn’t so complicated and expensive. We are passionate about every child realizing the gift of a forever family, so we started Catholics Adopt Project hoping to help other families to adopt.

Our Goals

Make Adoption Achievable for Couples Called to Adoption

Build Awareness to Increase Catholics Adopting

Build a Community of Love & Support for Adoption

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you only work with Catholic couples?​

A:  Catholics Adopt Project was started because we felt that as Catholics, we could do more to support adoption as part of the culture of life.  That said, our passion is adoption and we will make our information and resources available to anyone who would benefit from them.

Q:  Are you an adoption agency?

A:  No, we work with adoption agencies to support their work.  We connect couples with agencies that would best meet their needs.

Q:  Are you a 501(C)3 non-profit?  

A:  Catholics Adopt Project is not a 501(C)3 at this time.  Our ministry is currently funded by the donation of time and treasure by our founders and volunteers.  If you are interested in supporting Catholic adoption, we ask that you consider supporting couples seeking adoption featured on this website.

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