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State Adoption Laws

An element of adoption that surprises many people who are new to the process is how much adoption laws vary from state to state.  This not only creates legal complexities for interstate adoptions, but some state laws are so restrictive that completing an adoption is prohibitively difficult.  We are raising awareness of this issue and will be advocating for adoption-friendly state policies where they are needed.  Adoption laws should protect the interest of all parties, particularly the children, while making successful adoptions achievable.


Revocation Period

An adoption revocation period is the length of time that a birth parent has to change their mind after adoption consent is signed.  This period varies widely be state.  In some states, adoption consent is irrevocable while others states give birth parents weeks to change their mind for any reason.  Below is a quick landscape of revocation period by state. Keep in mind, laws change so it's imperative to work with an attorney or agency to understand the adoption laws of the state in which the child is born.

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