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Adoptive Parent Benefits

Corporate benefits that support employees in their journey to adoption are increasing in popularity, the right thing to do, and create a win-win scenario for employers and employees. This page links to resources and highlights key aspects of these benefits.

A Overview of the Advantages of Adoption Benefits

  • Low Cost - According to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, less than 1% of team members use the benefit in a given year

  • Strong Goodwill - Employees who use the benefit fell greater loyalty while those not using it view the employer positively for offering it

  • Consistency - Adoption benefits that resemble maternity benefits create consistency between employees adopting and employees having babies

  • Culture - A company can create an adoption friendly culture that celebrates and supports families formed through adoption


Below are some valuable links in learning how your employer can implement an Adoptive Parent Benefit


Adoption Benefit Article

An excellent article on implementing an adoption benefit by the CEO of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption


SHRM Toolkit

An online toolkit titled "Managing Adoption Assistance Benefits" from SHRM, the Society for Human Resources Management


Thomas Foundation Toolkit

An employer toolkit titled "Adoption-Friendly Workplace"  from the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption

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