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Equal Adoption Benefit

The Equal Adoption Benefit (EAB) aspect of The Adoption Benefit Initiative is our effort and outreach to large corporations that have implemented travel for abortion benefits.  This page provides more details and information on how you can get involved.

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The Idea

After the Dobbs Supreme Court decision, a wave of large companies introduced travel benefits to allow employees with an unexpected pregnancy to travel to another state for an abortion.  A woman facing an unplanned pregnancy has three options: abortion, parenting, or adoption.  After implementing the travel benefit, most companies support two of the three options.  Why not support all three?

What This Isn't

Advocating for the EAB is not a protest or a boycott.  It is a positive initiative to work with companies in implementing policies and benefits that support all of their employees.  Our country is too divided already; we seek to find common ground and will not use boycotts or protests of any kind.

Working Together

How It Works

Through our network of connections we are seeking dialogue with company leaders  to promote the implementation of the EAB.  We have developed a one-page information piece with key talking points and benefits on the EAB which we use for advocacy.

Get Involved

Do you work for a company that could benefit from the EAB?  Please use the form below to tell us your story and connect.  Our goal is to find positive pathways to a constructive dialogue and implementation of these benefits.  We understand some employees will not want to directly involved in the effort and we will provide full confidentiality when requested.  

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I Want To Help Bring The EAB To My Company

We will be in touch. Thank You!

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