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A Grandparent's Story - Adoption Comes Full Circle

Adoptive Grandparents

A grandparent's surprise and blessing from the gift of adoption...

The golden years were here…. kids were all gone and married…., and our four grandchildren were growing fast.  Then, an unexpected surprise came to the family!  Our oldest daughter and her husband were adopting a child.  I was so excited!!  What better way for God to enrich our family than to have another grandchild!

As the months pass, you pray daily for the health of the biological mother and her child.  Selfishly, you hope that the biological mother won’t decide to keep the baby, but you know how much she truly loves this child, and the choice to make an adoption plan is extremely hard.  Ultimately, it is all in God’s hands!

You wonder, “Will the baby look like any of us”?  Will she/he have Aunt Kathleen’s smile or Uncle Pat’s twinkle in her/his eyes??  What hidden talents will the child possess??  So much to look forward to.   And so I continue to pray…..

And all of a sudden, my wait was over, ‘they’ were here!  Yes, I said “They” as my daughter and son-in-law adopted two children!  Twice the joy and more love to share.  And we know that always and always since time began, our adopted children were part of God’s plan.

And you might be asking yourself how I knew all this.  Well, because decades and decades ago, I was an adopted child, too! I had experienced the joy of adoption as an adoptee, but now I was getting to see the other side of adoption as an adoptive grandmother, so many years later.

What a gift it was for me to feel the love that flowed from my heart for these children and realize it was the same love that I had experienced when I was welcomed into my forever family. It is such a blessing that adoption has come full circle for me and continues to be an important part of my life. God is good.

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